‘’The quality of leadership, more than any other single factor, determines the success or failure of an organisation’’.

The Extraordinary Leader

Good is not the same as excellent, and organisations today are constantly faced with challenges and changing environments, meaning that leadership effectiveness and extraordinary leaders are needed to deliver extraordinary results. The Extraordinary Leader Workshop is a proven and practical path towards realising and making extraordinary leaders; it features instruments, tools, and development approaches that increase leadership effectiveness and deliver positive results for your organisation.


The workshop comprises a one- or two-day interactive session, an exiting session, and an extraordinary leader-development experience organised by a certified Zenger–Folkman trainer.

effectief leiderschap

The Extraordinary Coach

Effective coaches put the needs of their employees first—asking open questions, listening effectively, and being empathetic. They increase the engagement of their employees within their organisation and help them to achieve and deliver their best. In this way, employees feel valued and are more willing to go the extra mile to ensure their organisation’s success and excellence.


During a one-day session, the workshop programme, organised by an experienced and certified Zenger–Folkman trainer, helps leaders to become better coaches.

de leider als coach

The Inspiring Leader

Inspiring and motivating employees is the ultimate challenge for any leader. An inspiring leader generates continuous positive energy, commitment, and enthusiasm among the members of their team; their employees are optimistic, full of confidence, and perform on a higher level than they would under a leader without such abilities and competencies.


A one-day interactive and practical workshop on the application of different effective leadership styles, organised by a certified Zenger–Folkman trainer.

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The Extraordinary Performer

Effective professionals are of great importance to their organisations; they are more aware of their role, more capable of capable of effectively developing their career themselves, and make more significant contributions to the development and growth of their organisation.


A two-day interactive exiting session organised by a certified Zenger–Folkman trainer that gives insight to participants’ personal effectivity.


Elevating Feedback

Providing feedback, through both reinforcement and redirection, is among the best vehicles to help people grow and develop. This will enhance better performance, employee engagement, and employee commitment, and will directly impact the results of the organisation.


A one-day interactive and practical session, organised by a certified Zenger–Folkman trainer, has the practice of effective feedback at its core. The session is organised by a certified Zenger–Folkman trainer.

effectieve feedback

Advancing the Extraordinary Leader

Leadership development is an ongoing process, and excellent leaders continuously strive to improve their skills. The Extraordinary Leader method has helped many good leaders become excellent leaders through skill identification and improvement. ‘Advancing the Extraordinary Leader’, is an important supplement designed to take leadership to the next level.


The ‘Advancing the Extraordinary Leader’ workshop is given according to a half-day format. Prior to the workshop, managers, colleagues and subordinates of the participants fill in a 360-degree feedback questionnaire by which the strengths and weaknesses of each participant are identified and analysed.


Leadership Levers

What makes a leader a leader? Which characteristics lead to effective leadership? It is important that leaders know their opportunities for development, and that they utilise this knowledge from the beginning of their leadership career. These two questions help leaders gain insights into their abilities and how to develop them.

The impact leaders have on the productivity of those they lead is critical and can lead to exceptional business results. Research conducted by Zenger–Folkman revealed that there are six ‘levers’ or critical competencies that effective leaders may use to gain influence and improve their organisation: Innovation, Relationships, Acumen, Inspiration, Strategic Vision and Execution.