Advancing the Extraordinary Leader

Continuous development is the foundation of excellence


Advancing the Extraordinary Leader is the valuable and much-anticipated sequel to the Extraordinary Leader programme. Much like the original, Advancing the Extraordinary Leader does not focus on one’s weaknesses and limitations as a leader, but rather highlights and encourages further and future development of their particular strengths. The programme presents and provokes questions such as:

  • Where does the leader stand 9–12 months after completing the Extraordinary Leader workshop?
  • Has there been a noticeable shift in the effectiveness of the leader and their impact on their organisation?
  • How do the manager, colleagues, and subordinates view the change that has taken place?

In order to map these developments, a 360-degree feedback reassessment is conducted for each leader, the results of which are then compared with their previous 360-degree feedback assessment. At this stage of the assessment and development process, the executives of the participating leader become explicitly involved, and the leader themselves develops a personal development plan based on their individual leadership profile.

The Advancing the Extraordinary Leader workshop uses a half-day format. Before the workshop takes place, the managers, colleagues, and subordinates of the participants fill in a 360-degree feedback questionnaire that identifies and highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the participating leader for future analysis and assessment.


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