Learning to Give Feedback

‘’We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.’’
Bill Gates

effectieve feedback

When skilfully delivered, feedback is a powerful and useful tool for both organisations and employees—so why is it the most avoided managerial behaviour? Simply put, leaders often lack the courage and skills to provide effective feedback to their colleagues. To combat this limitation, the Elevating Feedback Workshop gives employees at all organisational levels of the skills they need to improve their feedback experience.

The Elevating Feedback Workshop includes several Key Learning points:

  • Identify the personal and organisational benefits of providing effective feedback;
  • Understand why providing feedback is so difficult;
  • Reflect on how preference and behaviour impact the ability to give and receive feedback;
  • Use best practices to provide meaningful, reinforcing, and improving feedback;
  • Create a personal feedback action plan.

Prior to the workshop, which is organised by certified Zenger–Folkman trainers, participants complete a Feedback Preferences Survey. During the workshop, participants are then helped in creating a Personal Development Plan in order to facilitate and realise more efficient feedback conversations.


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