Leadership Levers

Developing Critical Strengths

What makes a leader a leader? Which characteristics lead to effective leadership? It is important that leaders know their opportunities for development, and that they utilise this knowledge from the beginning of their leadership career. These two questions help leaders gain insights into their abilities and how to develop them.

The impact leaders have on the productivity of those they lead is critical and can lead to exceptional business results. Research conducted by Zenger–Folkman revealed that there are six ‘levers’ or critical competencies that effective leaders may use to gain influence and improve their organisation: Innovation, Relationships, Acumen, Inspiration, Strategic Vision and Execution.

Leadership Levers is a workshop designed for professionals, and current and future leaders who want to develop their leadership effectiveness. Through the workshop, participants gain in-depth and knowledge about the six Zenger–Folkman ‘levers’ or critical competencies for effective leadership, helping individual leaders catapult themselves into the 72nd or even 90th percentile of effective leadership. This workshop is based on the Zenger–Folkman leadership method, and supplies participants with tools by which they can develop the six critical competencies.

Leadership Levers comprises a one-day workshop. To gain insights into their current situation, participants fill in a self-assessment survey prior to the workshop. Based on the results of this survey, leaders then acquire tools to structure and develop an individual personal-development plan by combining their key competencies with their passions, as well as the needs of their organisation using a unique model.

By the end of the workshop, participants will know:

  • Their competencies and passions, and how to connect these to their organisational needs;
  • How to identify their critical competencies for development;
  • How to develop a personal-development plan aimed at developing their leadership effectiveness and organisational needs.


Participants receive a personalised leadership profile based on their self-assessment report. This profile is then discussed with a certified Zenger–Folkman trainer who helps individual participants identify their strengths and areas for improvement. Both these points help the participant develop and structure their personal development plan.