The extraordinary coach: Committed employees through effective coaching

“A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are.”
ra Parasheghian

de leider als coach

The Extraordinary Coach Programme is a one-day programme that helps leaders to become better coaches. The Programme teaches coaches how improve and develop their coaching conversations to better respond to the needs of those they are coaching, how to acquire more astute insights into situations, how to set feasible and attainable goals, and how to establish effective follow-up plans with coachees. In the programme, you will practice coaching conversation skills using real examples and scenarios by assuming the role of both the coach and the coachee; through this, you will become more aware of the effect of powerful open questions, using empathy and different perspectives to improve your coaching ability.

Research by Zenger–Folkman shows a strong link between the coaching skills of leaders and the commitment of their employees. The Extraordinary Coach programme has been developed with the use of scientific insights and empirical data from many different-yet-relevant disciplines, including HR, recruitment, and counselling, all of which add their own dimension to coaching improvement.

The programme has several main objectives:

  • Using instruments for effective coaching conversations;
  • Listening and asking the right questions;
  • Helping others to develop themselves;
  • Teach how to have and hold effective and improving coaching conversations;
  • Asking powerful open questions and using empathy for coaching betterment.

Prior to the workshops, which are all organised by certified Zenger–Folkman trainers, participants conduct preparatory exercises in regard to holding effective coaching conversations.


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