Excellent leaders make a difference

“Good is the enemy of excellence. Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average”
Jim Rohn

effectief leiderschap

The Extraordinary Leader Workshop uses an ‘evidence based’ method that ensures that leaders are more effective when accomplishing the goals of their organisation, motivating employees to higher levels of performance, and attaining even higher customer satisfaction.

During the one-day Extraordinary Leader Workshop we align the competencies of individual leaders with the sixteen distinctive excellent-leadership competencies identified by Zenger–Folkman, subsequently deriving and realising the beneficial effect that will ensue from their development within and among individual leaders.

The Extraordinary Leader Workshop incorporates several key learnings:

  • Excellent leaders are not born, they are made using the right focus and training;
  • How to recognise leadership weaknesses and overcome them;
  • Identify the 16 distinctive competencies of outstanding leaders and utilise them for future and further extraordinary leadership development;
  • Why developing strengths is more effective than working on weaknesses;
  • The importance of feedback and how this makes and leads to effective leadership;
  • Which concrete steps can individual leaders take towards excellent leadership.

Before the Workshop sessions take place, the strengths and weaknesses of each participant are identified and analysed according to their individual 360-degree personal assessment report. Participants receive an extensive personal leadership profile based on their personal development plan.

The Extraordinary Leader – India

The Extraordinary Leader has been brought to India by CBE/Leadership4you in collaboration with Intrim Consulting Network Pvt Ltd. A team of certified facilitators are certified and equipped to help you navigate this extraordinary journey of leadership development for your organisation.


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