The extraordinary performer: Leadership skills for the high-potential professional.

‘’You may have more to gain by developing your gifts and leveraging your natural skills than by trying to repair your weaknesses’’.
Laura Morgan Roberts


The Extraordinary Performer workshop has been specially developed for professionals or potential leaders who want to gain insights into their roles and the contributions they make to their respective organisations. Participants can develop a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of their own learning and personal development and how to deploy and utilise this as effectively as possible. In the workshop, attention is paid to several important questions: What are my strengths? Am I an informal leader, a specialist, or a generalist, and what does this mean for my career and my value within my organisation?

During interactive workshops, participants gain insights into their own strengths in relation to the needs and requirements of their organisation. The developmental stage of participants is determined alongside those steps they want to take regarding their prospective development. In this way, participants are able to grow into an Extraordinary Performers and Leaders.

The workshop incorporates several aims:

  • Understand your strengths in relation to the needs of your organisation, helping participants grow into extraordinary performers and managers;
  • Understand your strengths in relation to those of your organisation, helping participants grow into extraordinary performers and managers;
  • Gain knowledge of the sixteen distinctive competencies that lead to excellent performance, allowing you to realise excellent performance for each individual competency;
  • Identify those aspects of your work that satisfy you the most;
  • Determine the current stage of your development and the specific steps that you want to take to further your individual development;
  • Create a plan of action that incorporates several concrete steps that can be used to realise your individual ambitions.

Prior to the workshop, the managers and colleagues of participants fill in the Zenger–Folkman 360-degree feedback questionnaire. Participants receive an extensive ‘performer’ profiles, then utilise this to develop a personal action plan. The workshop is organised by certified Zenger–Folkman trainers.


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