Artikel: Are You An Office Peacemaker Or A Provocateur? (Joseph Folkman)

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Are you more of a peacemaker, or are you more effective at provoking others to take action and get things done? Are you the person that wants to make everyone feel welcomed, or are you the person that challenges team members to do something that seems impossible? We were curious to know which of these dimensions make a leader more effective and which would help leaders generate better results. We developed an assessment to measure how leaders performed in these two areas.


Peacemakers are highly motivated to resolve conflicts and ensure that everyone cooperates. They show a high level of concern for others and stay in touch with issues and concerns of all members of the workgroup. They go out of their way to include and involve others and work hard to make sure that others feel included.


Provocateurs challenge others to do everything possible to achieve goals. They become the champions for new projects or programs. They know how to market, persuade, and encourage others. They also possess the courage to make changes that will improve the organization.

Zenger Folkman had 360-degree assessment data from over 85,000 leaders. From that group, we identified 8,010 leaders who rated above average on peacemaking but below average at being a provocateur. We then identified the leaders who were above average on being a provocateur but below average on being a peacemaker. In this case, we identified 8,045 leaders. The last group we identified was leaders who were above the 75th percentile in both skills. This group was larger, compromising of 12,565 leaders.

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